what playing music “by ear” is like

Not everyone watching my videos is comfortable with English, so I thought I should write the video text so that people can use google translate. 🙂
​0:00  “One of the things I do to study music or practice is to play by ear… and that puts me in contact with music in a very different way than reading music or playing by memory or other ways. I don’t have “perfect pitch”, which will become clear as you watch, but I do enough of this that I’m pretty comfortable doing this. I do different things when I play by ear, this time I’m just playing the notes from the saxophone after I hear them. I’ve heard this recording before, but not played along like this”.
2:13  “…so that’s all the way through the melody… Now starts the improvising, the jazz solo part…”
5:29  “thanks for listening, I hope this is fun and helpful for musicians out there”. 🙂
Song: “I want to be Happy” by Vincent Youmans and Irving Caesar. Stan Getz (tenor sax) with Oscar Peterson (piano), Herb Ellis (guitar) and Ray Brown (bass).