Artists’ reactions & press

Artists’ reactions

“What a thrill to hear your treatments of my songs.” – Sophie Bancroft

“Thanks so much. This is beautiful. It really fits and amplifies the soul of the track and at the same time adds a paradoxical nighttime element and depth that complements but doesn’t stifle… Really like your version of “refracted stillness”. Just watching your video, think it fits really well, something synaptic and frozen about those flowers…” – sevenism

“I like very much your musical style and I want to collaborate also on other projects.” – Ruxandra Mitache

“Hello Louis! Thank you for the great music. This is the best day ever.”
– Maeda Yasuyuki a.k.a. illiichi

“Juan Villarreal would like to express his sincerest thanks for interpreting one of his songs. He was very surprised and humbled. Thank you.” – Jesus Juarez

“Bravo Louis, muy bien tocado. Mucho swing, mucha alma y buon gusto. Gracias por tocar mi musica.Un gran abrazo!” – Celso Machado

“I love what you’ve done with it! So interesting to hear it played on piano like that! I’d be totally down with it being used on an album.”
Birkwin Jersey

“…He never ceases to surprise, delight, and move me with his approach to my music. His fluid virtuosity transcends any specific style.”
Mirian Cutler

“oh cool! thank you for such a beautiful remix! I will watch other your video.” – Moxus


“Pianist Louis Durra clearly loves his job. It comes across in his vivid, generous playing…” – Fest Magazine

“a master of deconstruction and reinvention…”
– Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman

“They’ve introduced whole new worlds to at least one spectator; the musicians may have had their eyes closed, but mine were certainly opened to a whole new music scene.” – Three Weeks

“Spinning gold out of the unlikeliest material…rendering electronica…into masterpieces of beguiling understatement…” – Rob Adams, The Herald Scotland

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