The Flying Steering Wheel (Ruxandra Mitache + Louis Durra)

concept + video art + synopsis – Ruxandra Mitache

Music = Louis Durra

with contributions from: Iokokanoa, Barry Coates, sevenism

0:00 “Fernweh” – Iokokanoa + Barry Coates + Louis Durra

10:36 “Worum es geht” – sevenism + Louis Durra

16:58 “Song for LB” – Louis Durra

19:58 “Sweetly” – Iokokanoa + Louis Durra

23:28 “Obalt” – Louis Durra

27:37 “Fervd” – sevenism + Louis Durra

Louis: Ruxandra Mitache and I started emailing after I used her footage for a music video. I really enjoyed collaborating on this project, and the contributions of my musical friends …

Ruxandra: “An initiatory journey, which has as a dreamlike landscape, translated from a directed perspective, between real and surreal.”