I play piano, compose, improvise, and produce music. 

I was a freelance musician in Los Angeles playing in bands or for theater.
I recorded Dreaming (1993), an album mostly of jazz standards, and What We Have (2005) an album where I composed in mainstream jazz styles.

In 2010 I began performing several nights a week with my own group.  We developed our collective voice performing recent pop and indie music.  We were performing before the public in bars.  Doing cover songs was important for our work and I enjoyed playing familiar songs, or even unfamiliar songs written in the right time and context because they reach people or move people so well.  
During this time I recorded The Best of All Possible Worlds (2011) and Rocket Science (2012), with mostly cover songs either well-known or obscure.  Both albums did well on American and Canadian radio stations.  I performed in Scotland in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  

I emigrated to Germany in 2013.  Life in California remained difficult after the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis and I was seeking a better quality of life.  Life in Berlin was good and I enjoyed learning German but my performing never became what it once was.  Emigrating felt like a good decision but life with little performance felt meaningless and I experienced some depression.  I also found writing and recording with complaining neighbors quite discouraging and it seemed impossible to find a suitable space for recording.

I returned to California to record Chromakey Dreamcoat, and a further album. Something stopped me from going further with these and I have yet to officially release either of them.  

During the Corona time in 2020 I rented a suitable recording space and started recording using as a basis music and videos from other artists available through creative commons.  Their response was positive and has already led to collaborations.  I was filming and editing video to go with each recording.  I put up everything I did on YouTube.  The majority of my musical experiences come in the form of music+video so it has become difficult to imagine making music without video.  Without intending to, I’ve become an enthusiastic newbie-video artist.